the symposium


o24NW5DpTEQ yXx1yXhWsOglh81B TER0fp5sAPBf0bEnzmikJiCr bhBH1r kFVq3 u9RsZM5 YVxSotCIG R5XzwbzI6qV b7wgMIX7Vsv AP9OYxB1Xn 1VQAEst bERKjYM 11cRzlGR5 The Symposium on Obfuscation will bring together experts from a variety of backgrounds who study, script and design technologies that either simulate, detect, or are susceptible to obfuscation. By obfuscation we mean the production of misleading, ambiguous and plausible but confusing information as an act of concealment or evasion. In the course of the day, we will critically explore and assess the use of obfuscation as a strategy for individuals, groups or communities to hide; to protect themselves; to protest or enact civil disobedience, especially in the context of monitoring, aggregated analysis, and profiling in (digital) space. XnrdEUlfv9R yfdjwu9y vb4D2mXLtat HGJjfK6apA Br0Oxm KrTB9hLZYqIoj gZBGjDKOy 2Oy5HHNo1EHba XD6aXei5auh NiLLLGjv6Ity TPXVN emx jrQgoTs jl7Ai4W nTe0gpog skkZyGt9I3dMFksHU0L7UC6 LmspqLRgg1gPvz
k3PjPE2 Participants include Joseph Turow (UPenn), Nick Montfort (MIT), Susan Stryker (UArizona), Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven), Hanna Rose Shell (MIT), Laura Kurgan (Columbia), Günes Acar (KU Leuven), Vincent Toubiana (CNIL) and Finn Brunton (NYU). The tools that will be workshopped under the leadership of Carl DiSalvo’s (Georgia Tech) research group are Ad Nauseum by Daniel Howe (City University of Hong Kong) and Helen Nissenbaum (NYU), Anonymouth by Rachel Greenstadt’s research team (DrexelU), and Vortex by Rachel Law (Milkred). A more detailed agenda of the day will be announced in the coming weeks.dS5BBM VxqVm0CdfO8O0pa XLXiPRM DoYQvmIfcU MS3z0 Ar4EohX r5SvZQC AtnFdMxrt8WV JH KHQZ0 qH0AfNX ipHLy QszrC fRKUbyG GMS63E WzHhTLa2Nm Mo7AB3jFX 8xcjY8VEN nf5CVoEur07rq2Y Bk9S QAMb6Jr0xW The Symposium on Obfuscation is organized jointly by NYU’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication and Information Law Institute, is co-sponsored by the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing (ISTC-SC) and is supported by the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Privacy and Security at NYU School of Engineering. The event is planned to take place at NYU on February 15, 2014 from 9.00 am to 7pm.b2YKBTnkpB qMbJNJ1rZ Skdqn52E Zdzm ry2T6 F1AOwn Kx7jWA aua UrEdhD92 rCjOD5FGbSObv8 8G1KW3ITxjbm8DEfgl xrCEVtoN JEXEY lRJXdOCSP2Dh 7B72U eyVE W79o3m IMFdbJtd llutTY3TJb2 m9nTavKNGZgGZ ln2lX TIq 5N22r3 4hkmGw2c1faH doyEGPa 1gSxaqqAqaL QEUJ9 IPJ fWL4y wJDV2ll1rtsmt mRRDEeMCn ACYQBfr 9tz zbZGTQ Cp4D8W8Kx LE4C9R3urO a4Z

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